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Infinity Mirror

Infinity Mirror

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 Infinity Mirror⭐ - Become Mesmerised

This multifunctional piece seamlessly combines the practicality of a mirror with the enchantment of a colourful night light. When closed, it functions as a sleek mirror, but when illuminated, it transforms into a captivating mood light, adding a unique ambience to any room, whether it's a game room, a dresser, or any other space. This decorative lamp promises to elevate the visual allure of your room decor.


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 Opulent Infinity Mirror! ♾️

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 2 in-1 Feature🪞💡

Apart from seamlessly transforming your space, the Opulent Infinity Mirror transitions effortlessly from a functional mirror to a mesmerizing LED showcase boasting infinite patterns and hues, instantly turning your room into a personalized artistic haven. With music synchronization and smartphone integration, it delivers an immersive audio-visual journey that captivates both your sight and sound.


It's time for the Opulent Infinity Mirror to spark conversations and immerse you in the wonder of innovation. Join the movement and make it your own, because life is about more than just staying cool; it's about creating an environment that embraces warmth and emotion.

Don't miss your chance to own the future. Get the Opulent Infinity Mirror and start experiencing the magic today.


What's included in the Package? 🤔

1 x Infinity Mirror
1 x Remote Control
1 x USB Cable
1 x Stand and Metal Plate
1 x User Manual

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
sick light, definitely worth it!!

The product is super bright and had great functionality. Super lovely gift, very impressed. Definitely purchasing from here again

Garvit Bajaj
Cool Light and very customizable

I got this light as a background prop for my videos. This thing looks cool and is very customizable. The app is intuitive and easy to use. It has a lot of presets for different color patterns and movements. There really isn't any reason to create one of your own but, you can if you want to. I highly recommend this light if you are looking for cool lighting effects.

Chris G
Really Cool!

The effects this has, are really cool. Works as a mirror, or an art piece. It’s great, even if you don’t need a mirror! If you are a collector of lights, you won’t be disappointed! This is built pretty good. It holds itself up decently. But, a bigger base would be nice. The remote, works nicely. I didn’t try the app control. But, it is nice to have both options.

Jack S
way cooler than expected

I'm going to get the only negative out of the way. I could not get the included remote control to work. I'm not sure if it's the battery or defective. There is a control on the power cord that controls the functions and the app is awesome, control all functions, and much easier to use. This is much more than a mirror, though it will function as such. It has a sleep timer and you can set it to come on any time of the day with it's built in timer function. The display doesn't have to spin, you can set it to any color on the color wheel in the app. You can control the brightness and the speed of the spin. There is also different spin patterns you can use. The mirror itself is approximately 12 inches across and will tilt up and down. The stand is metal and the materials doesn't feel cheap. The display is awesome and mesmerizing. I am impressed and possibly in love with this thing.

Jeremy and Kayleigh Barker
Infinity Mirror

My husband and I saw this and had to have it. When it arrived we were so excited and this mirror did NOT disappoint. It is easy enough to setup, the remote works well, and it also has a spot on its' cord to adjust the settings and turn on/off as well. I can easily see this becoming a huge trend, and it's such a unique idea! It looks like a portal from outer space! My husband has joked that if we had neighbors or more traffic on our road (we live out in the country in a wooded area) he would put it in a window and see if people were confused by what it was. This mirror is so much fun to have around! Get it! Especially if you have teenagers running around your house :)